To have a swim

One of the great delights of Annecy is to be able to have a swim in front of the mountains (of course when the temperature is sufficient, in summer starting from June).

The nearest beach is the Marquisats but it is quickly in the shade in the late afternoon.

On the other side, you have the beach of Albigny: family beach, with sand where one can stand very far (ideal for children).

There is also the Imperial Beach (but it is a private beach so paying) and you can vary the pleasures by going to the beautiful beaches of Veyrier, Menthon, Talloires on the east shore of Lake Annecy (sun the evening) and those in the West, Sévrier and Saint-Jorioz, Le Bout du Lac. If these are more accessible (flat cycle path, larger car parks), they have the disadvantage of being in the shade first in the evening. Namely also that most are paying …

Otherwise, if you want to escape the crowd (not insignificant in summer around Annecy!), take the bikeway and take a dip where it sings! A piece of grass, a pontoon … Lake Annecy has many quiet spots, mainly from the West (La Puya) to the South East (Angon).

Like many locals, you can finish your beautiful summer day with a picnic on the beach (or on the Pâquier), watching the sunset over the mountains…

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